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intro shit1 - hula lesson on Wednesday once with Faso after...

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Hello. My name is Girlie. I’m Japanese. Boys bug me sometimes. They can be stupid when it comes to fighting. One time one of the boys I know took off his clothes and fought with another guy. He said that’s how his “fadda fight”, according to his uncle. But everyone was laughing at him. I felt bad so I bought him food afterwards, not forgetting to tell how dumb he looked. I have two friends that I normally hang out with. My first friend is Faso. I think Aunty Alice doesn’t like me because of Faso. We ride our bikes together. I have fun with her, but she does all kinds of things to me like make me try to sling shot her into the sky. I’m scared to object to her because she once pulled off my bikini in front of the lifeguard. She can do that again if I don’t listen to her. I ditched my
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Unformatted text preview: hula lesson on Wednesday once with Faso, after she cussed and stuck her middle finger at Auntie. I don’t know why she did it, but I knew she regretted it. My other friend is Asi. She has a lot of courage and does extreme things to get some cash in her pocket. She once unbuttoned her shirt in front of a guy to get some money, and later bought food and drinks for both of us. I guess she’s nice, but I don’t get her sometimes. Maybe that’s why I went to our school and scratched out the 4-Eva from “Girlie and Asi Frenz4-Eva” that I carved into the big tree. Maybe our friendship isn’t meant to last forever....
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