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Lucy - house everyday at lunch time to play with her I play...

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Lucy – prompt 1, a brief summary Hi, I’m Lucy, life in Pahala is ok, sometimes my madda is very mean. I neva like when she hit me with the iron hanger, she hit my sista too, but that’s because she acts dumb in public. Sometimes my mom is nice though, once she cut my and my sistas hair too short, and she gave us yarn wigs to cover it up. But she mostly hits us. I have a friend named Bernie, he is very nice he has a taxidermy shop. He and his wife cook me good food sometimes, they namke me Vienna sausage and grilled cheese. One day Bernie went goat hunting with his friend Melvin, they accidentally shot a madda goat so he brought one baby goat back for me, he say the baby no mo than few days old. I call the baby, Lambie. Me and Lambie were best friends, I come to Bernie’s
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Unformatted text preview: house everyday at lunch time to play with her. I play with Lambie so much Bernie get jealous, he sad that I ignore him now, and he has nobody for talk story with. I take Lamie home, but she ate all my maddas violet hedges, my madda get real mad she tell me that she going to give Lambie to the old men across the streeet and they going to eat her. Bernie is nice, he call his friend at the Onekahakaha Zoo in Hilo, when we take Lambie there she knew something is wrong. When she put her in the cage all the other big billies, they surround Lambie. I was so sad, I see myself in Lambie, everyone is ganging up on her, she, she just one kid. Lucy – prompt 2...
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