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Quotes – try to find the tape So the bold ones are the main ones in reference to Lucy being the hope symbol, the other ones are interesting and applicable in other situations, use them if you wish. “They smell the human hands on her. They smell her all over. She back up against the fence. Leave her alone, I tell. Bernie, help her. She, she just one kid” – pg 105 “kid” “I dig in the bagasse and right there in the wet cane rubbish is one small glass ball, light blue and cool in the shade of the naupaka bushes. I hold um gentle in my hands. I no can even see my fingers. I see the clouds, the sky moving. I see my eyes.” (107, glass) Here, Lucy is looking for glass balls with Bernie at the beach. Its pretty rare to find one, but lucy finds one when she goes with Bernie. Its interesting here, because when she is describing the glass ball, she describes what she can see. She sees clouds, they sky moving, and her eyes. Because Lucy is exposed to the harsh lifestyle of living in the environment she does ( her
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Unformatted text preview: mother’s abuse, Kala’s advice, and all the other shit she is exposed to) its easy to see where the cycle of begins. But lucy she sees things differently, she sees hope, and she sees herself, meaning she is autonomous. “ I thinking maybe a flash flood come and take my mama away (for a little while) down a raging brown river, down into the choppy ocean. And dump her there. (Wish). (116, Ravine) “Thanks, eh, thank you so much, WillyJoe, says my Mama all Perfeck English.” (120, Ravine) “He so mean. He says I love an idiot. What’s wrong with me? Wrong, wrong with the love I write on a matchbook.” (135, name me is) “I feel the thick, clear liquid ove slow out of my name on my back, touch it with my own fingers, feel my name on my back all the way inside. I IS. Ain’t nobody tell me otherwise.” (140, name me is) the last sentence of the story, its Lucy reclaiming herself, its empowering....
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