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quotes for essay

quotes for essay - e"eh eh-he neva call me by my...

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Unformatted text preview: e"eh, eh-he neva call me by my name" 18 "the other hand start rubbing my ass part" 18 "so all the boys know you mines" 19 "she know I only seventh grade" 22 "She look at me long time when she rip my ticket in half" 22 "Then he take off her bra and the teacher suck her" 23 "Don't cry, or we're going to have to tell your father what you did" 23 "I like do that to you" "You sit right here, so you can learn" 24 "I stay with all the small kids in the house" 25 "I going take something from you and what I take, you neva going give nobody else ever again" 27 "cause something might happen in the car. I get um." 42 "Cause I know what boys like do and it ain't hanging around the gym or swimming laps after school" 42 "all the boys think you just one small kid" 43 "you just dunno how for please" 43 "Don't ever tell your father" 73 "You little cock teaser. This is what you get. You deserve it." 73 "You better not be a whore or you going find your ass passed around one Joe to next. She give, you know" 71 " Mama squirming like she trying to get her breast even more uplift while nodding her head sweetly. And Willy (Oh he so sweeeet), my sista continue, he say he want to help me." (120) "Mama, C and the Doo-bees all competing for Willy." 121 ...
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