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Dr. Phil Script Snowball question: Have you ever felt discriminated because you were pressured to do something you did not want to do based on your gender role expectations? *on powerpoint Group discussion Emily introduce our thesis to the class. Thesis: In Louis Ann Yamanaka’s Saturday Night at the Pahala Theater , the young girls are constantly pressured to fit their gender role expectations. This pressure drives their actions leading to a loss of self autonomy. (on powerpoint) Dr. Phil starts. On today’s show we will focus on the effect of gender role expectations and how it leads to the loss of self autonomy. The four girls we have today have experienced the effects of gender role expectations and are here today to share their experiences with us. Everyone, please welcome Lucy, Kala, Tita, and Girlie from Pahala, Hawaii. (on powerpoint first slide) Girls walk in. Say the names of the four Dr. Tom: Let’s start off with a brief introduction from each of these girls. Ladies, please introduce yourselves. (Detail) Girls introduce themselves. In the order of Kala, Tita, Girlie, and Lucy. Dr. Tom: Welcome, welcome. Please have a seat. Now let’s start with you Kala. *all of the quotes will be on the powerpoint Kala Quote: “But Jimmy boy grab my wrist and hold me down to the seat. You sit right here, he tell. So you can learn. I shut my eyes. Had four more cheerleaders” (24). In this quote, kala demonstrates her subordination towards Jimmy. Instead of rejecting Jimmy when he forcefully touches her, Kala allows him to continue and even obeys his commands like “sit right here… so you can learn.” As Kala closes her eyes, she envisions the cheerleaders and because she feels that she is one of those oppressed girls, instead of 5 cheerleaders remaining, she realizes that there are only 4 left. Before she would act superior over Lucy but ironically, around Jimmy, Kala acts submissive and inferior to him. Thus, such male dominance in this society shows the extent the girls have to conform in order to meet the gender role expectations. Kala Quote: “You neva give me nothing yet. I no say nothing. If you no give me nothing. I going take something from you and what I take, you neva going give nobody else ever again” (26-27). In this quote, Jimmy is once again exerting his dominance over Kala. Although unclear of what the “something” might be, it’s indicative that the “something” means Kala’s virginity. Thus, Jimmy demands that he should be in possession of her virginity and that she should be willing to give it to him. Even if she chooses not to sacrifice her virginity for him, Jimmy will forcefully
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take it from her before any other guy. This coercion demonstrates what Kala has to give up in order to meet her gender role expectation. But while society demands that Kala should remain a virgin, through Jimmy’s constant demand, such male dominance shows the conflicting nature of gender role expectations. Tita Quote: “I tell you, my next birthday, when my madda ask me what I like, I going tell her I
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R2A presentation script - Dr. Phil Script Snowball...

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