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Global Strategy - Introduction Fall 2011

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Unformatted text preview: ;Semi" Globalized World Some x markets are fully global are completely domestic Money Military, Education Some x Most markets have elements of crossborder integration and local market uniqueness Voigt , 2010 34 Global Strategy Global Business WHY GO GLOBAL? Global Strategy Voigt , 2010 35 Global Business Business Objective Profit = Q(R-C)*TIME Q quantity sold R revenue (price) C cost TIME Sustainable business model Global Strategy Voigt , 2010 36 Global Business Why Go Global? More "Q" Higher "Prices" Lower "Costs" Sustaining and extending a business idea (model) BUT Crossing borders adds new and different costs and risks to the benefits Global Strategy Voigt , 2010 37 Global Business Types of Global Business Importing and Exporting Global Investing Global Business x Entering, operating, and managing enterprises in foreign market places Voigt , 2010 38 Global Strategy Global Business A.A.A. Framework Arbitrage x Buying cheap and selling high Adaptation x (Replication) Transferring a business model Collecting smaller amounts of demand across markets to ac...
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