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MOR492.Metro.TurnIn - 4 Metro legally barred from...

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Jeremy Klif I.D.: 9128653432 10/03/11 Case Turn-In: Metro Cash & Carry Key strategic challenges Metro faces in India in order of priority 1. Fragmented wholesale market. Only 1% of Indian grocery retail sales for international companies in 2004. 2. Metro was one of the first “Western big-box” to enter India which scared the population (picketers and storm of vocal protests) 3. High land price in India
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Metro legally barred from purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers. They could not supply small restaurateurs. 5. India did not have a cold-storage infrastructure 6. Absence of perishable food sales except meats 7. Decentralized government which created difficulties to understand what is up to the central government and up to the local representative institutions...
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