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Study Guide for the Final Exam Anthro 316 Fall 2011 The final exam will be comprehensive, but weighted towards the 2 nd half of the semester. Please use the "midterm study guide" to review for material covered in the first half of the class. The test will be similar to the midterm, including a mix of multiple choice and short answers. As for the midterm, you will need to bring a blue book and writing implement. The test will be drawn from all materials covered in class. This includes the readings, lectures, films, student presentations, and class discussions. You should know the basic theoretical outlooks, as well as the main names associated with these outlooks. There will be a focus on the reading materials in the 2 nd 1/2 of the course, so you should be very familiar, for example, with the Toelken, and from Sherman, and should be able to answer questions connecting these readings… say, how each author writes about the importance of dance, or concepts of time, or healing. I also talked
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