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ANTH 316 FINAL STUDY GUIDE ***PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME NEXT TO WHAT SECTIONS YOU PLAN ON COMPLETING LECTURES October 13: Watched Smoke Signals October 18: Watched Smoke Signals October 20: (Mia) Now seeing more NA speak for themselves! · House Made of Dawn by N. Scott Momaday in 1969 (dealt w/ current issues of time-> WW2) o Non-NA write on NA (set hundreds of yrs ago) o Native write of Natives (set on contemporary times)** o He started the NA literary Renaissance; flowering on contemporary works by more NA (in multi-cultured America) § o Entering a New Era § Population of NA growing at a healthy rate § o BUT NOT ALL GOOD § In US, suicide of NA at its highest § Rates of education decreasing & unemployment increasing (~80% in some areas) § No hope on some reservations § Hard to track good doctors/work on reservations § § Have to leave reservation to go to med school, etc. § SITUATION: What’s it mean to be NA? Smoke Signals movie/Lone Ranger bk. · What’s it like to grow up poor & in community w/ no jobs, no possibility of jobs, bad foods (in one tribe/reservation, diabetes 100% of ppl) · Struggle to maintain cultural identity o o Loss of language o Loss of traditions no sense of community o o Basketball: in many NA communities o Humor: best medicine
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SOVEREIGNITY · Legal Spectrums (sometimes lots of confusion b/w them) o Ex/ tribal law: alcohol illegal; federal/state law: don’t care o Where are tribal laws limits of sovereignty? o Ex/ NA shot eagle for feathers (religious/tribal purpose) BUT against federal law-> court ruled him guilty o Ex/ Environmental issues (radioactive structures next to NA reservations, but can’t do anything even though toxic) 1. NA governs by laws of STATE (sometimes on reservation) 2. FEDERAL laws 3. TRIBAL laws PAN-TRIBAL IDENTITY · Many NA mixed (intertribal mixing/intermarriage) that makes it easier to just say “I’m NA” · Political/social organizations: seek unity o Ex/ NA music awards (open to all tribes) · Global indigeneity : indigenous groups around the world o Easier now b/c of internet, UN (although not ideal place b/c selective), & other “global” organizations o o “indigenous” -> problematic around world § WHY? b/c all from Africa, but at what point in time are we considered “indigenous?” § Esp. problematic in modern world o Def’ns of indigenous: 1. 1st ppl to be on the land-> DOESN’T Work 2. ppl dispossessed by colonial expansion SYMBOLS · Cowboy boots for practical use by cowboys, but WHY do we wear as fashion statement? o
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