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21critique - their “religion” which is an amendment in...

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Jeremy Klif I.D.: 9128653432 11/21/2011 Questions/Critiques Michael F. Brown: Who Owns Native Culture? Chap 5-8 In Chapter 5, I noticed that the author emphasized the struggle between the federal government control over land and the Native people like for Devils Tower site. It is interesting to see that on one hand the government gives a certain autonomy to the Native Americans (i.e. reservations) but on the other hand they have an extensive control over other central aspects of their life such as land. In my opinion, the question is Native American either have total control or the federal government have total control. Furthermore, there is also the question of allowing Native Americans to freely exercise
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Unformatted text preview: their “religion” which is an amendment in the constitution. As individuals with other religious beliefs such as Jews and Christians, Native Americans should have the liberty of exercising their religion. However, the federal government control over their land sometimes prevent them from doing so. Therefore, Native Americans should have the same ability which sometimes they are able to (i.e. Chimney Rock) but sometimes they don’t. In my opinion, it is a question of recognizing Native Americans’ religious rituals as credible as we do with other religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam....
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