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Chapter 8 9 Place SouthEast Plains of the West Time 1850’s 19 th century Tribes/Nations Yubas, Yakimas, Nez Perces, Tuekakas Apaches, Pueblos, Cheyennes, Sioux, Iroquois, Mandanst Relations between Native Americans and Europeans/European Americans Secured reservations were never passed because of corruption. Government gives up on helping Indians Native Americans realized that they could use horses like Europeans and most tribes became equestrians Native Americans’ (mis)perceptions of Europeans and the relations Europeans do not treat Indians with respect even if a friendship is established. They cannot be trusted. Indians realized that they could not take seriously promises made by Europeans because they would claim that they would give certain lands to Indians which never happened Europeans’ (mis)perceptions of Native Americans and the
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Unformatted text preview: relations Newspapers making fun of Indians for the way they dress and trying to speak English Europeans were shocked by some of Native Americans’ tradition (“sacred tree”) Colonization policy and level No land given to Indians because treaties were never signed. They were given food and other things but nothing too extraordinary Territories were given to Indians under the “friendship treaties” which separated Europeans and Indians. Native Americans were left to find ways to survive creating inter-tribal wars Results of colonization Indians pushed to steal and murder because they did not have any other resources to get what they needed to survive Before colonization, their development was similar to Europeans but after they became impoverished looking but with still good spirit in reservations...
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