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ANTH316.Disc.critique2 - going on in the universe I also...

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Jeremy Klif ID: 9128653432 ANTH 316: 09/19/2011 Question/Critique The Earth Shall Weep: a History of Native America by James Wilson I find interesting how native American society saw a correlation between physical health and the well-being of the universe. I wonder what the general reaction was when all the diseases impacted native Americans. Did they believe it was a portrayal of what was
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Unformatted text preview: going on in the universe? I also think that the author explains well how in the 18 th century (due to the enlightenment movement), British began to question their view on native Americans. It was not as clear as it used to be that the world works by God’s interventions but more by the selfish actions of humans....
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