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Anthropology 316 Midterm Study Guide Prof. Tok Thompson During the first 1/2 of the semester, we've taken a long look back Native Americans and the interaction with the European colonists, European governments, and the US (and other) governments. I've tried to emphasize the ways in which the past is conceptualized by people, both Native and non-Native. What are some of the differences in the ways that Native American cultures and non-native cultures thought about the past? What did I mean what I discussed "history versus History"? What are some other ways of thinking about the past, such as archaeology, geology, etc. How do we interact with the past in terms of popular culture? Also, how have non-Natives thought about Native Americans, and how has this changed over time? Early on, in lectures and in the readings of 1491 , forgotten, ignored, or otherwise unknown aspects about early Native American societies were emphasized. You should be familiar with the major themes covered—for example, the various
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