chapter 10 case incident 1

chapter 10 case incident 1 - Katherine Lau BUAD 304 Section...

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Katherine Lau BUAD 304 Section 14723 Judy Tolan Assignment 2 October 4, 2009 Chapter 10 Case Incident 1: Teamwork: One Company’s Approach to High Performance 1. Using the terms from this chapter, how would you characterize the teams at ICU Medical Inc.? What are some advantages and disadvantages of giving teams a lot of autonomy to make decisions? The teams found at ICU Medical Inc. can be clearly characterized as self-managed work teams, or teams of employees who work in highly related jobs and take on many responsibilities typically taken on by managers. The individuals in the team are involved in planning and scheduling work, assigning tasks, making important decisions, taking action, and even deciding who is on the team if there even needs to be a team in the first place. At ICU Medical Inc., teams take on these responsibilities by setting their own meeting times, assigning their own jobs, and creating deadlines for themselves. Giving teams this much autonomy in making decisions has both its advantages and its disadvantages. Members of these teams often feel a higher sense of job satisfaction and hence are more motivated to do their work well. Also, the greater amount of autonomy can decrease or even eliminate the need for oversight, making supervisory positions have less responsibility and able to manage a greater number of teams more efficiently. Conversely, the increased freedom given to the team members can have negative consequences, as seen in the case. Without specific guidelines and deadlines, teams can fall into the trap of discussing ideas for more time than necessary rather than taking action. The lack of supervision can also produce unexpected results that do not fit the needs of the company, as there is no outside source there to provide feedback on the team’s ideas or process. When looking at
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chapter 10 case incident 1 - Katherine Lau BUAD 304 Section...

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