chapter 16 case incident 1

chapter 16 case incident 1 - Katherine Lau BUAD 304 Section...

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Katherine Lau BUAD 304 Section 14723 Judy Tolan Assignment 2 October 19, 2009 Chapter 16: Questions for Review – Number 7 Case Incident 1: Can a Structure Be Too Flat? 7. What are the behavioral implications of different organizational designs? The most important thing to know in regards to the relationship between behavioral implications and organizational designs is that nothing can be generalized. Different people find satisfaction in different things – some prefer flexibility while others prefer standardization. Most evidence points to the idea that while work specialization increases productivity, it decreases the amount of job satisfaction that employees experience. However, as employees begin to lose their job satisfaction, their productivity ultimately decreases, and the use of work specialization will begin to counteract itself. Of course, there are those few individuals who enjoy the routine of highly specialized jobs, though these consequences of work specialization are less likely to occur than a decrease in productivity. There is little evidence to relate span of control and employee performance, however, there is a positive correlation between a manager’s job satisfaction and the number of employees supervised. Finally, there is strong evidence that connects centralization and job satisfaction, as organizations that are less centralized have more autonomy and autonomy is directly related to job satisfaction. No one organizational design will be enough
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chapter 16 case incident 1 - Katherine Lau BUAD 304 Section...

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