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Globalization Impact Paper Mitch and Nick

Globalization Impact Paper Mitch and Nick - Globalization...

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Globalization Impact Paper: Mexico Winter 2009 Section 45667, TTH 1:45 – 3:30 Nick Poggetti Mitchell Klipa Prof. John Toppel Executive Summary Impact of Technology Impact of Trade The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was an agreement created by the United States, Canadian, and Mexican governments that allowed the free trade of goods and services across the three countries’ borders allowing Mexican companies open access to the large foreign markets of Canada and the United States. While NAFTA is one of the most significant trade agreements in which Mexico participates, she is also a member of eleven other trade treaties. These agreements bind Mexico to more than forty other countries allowing more than 90% of their trade can be classified as free trade. (1) Impact of Job Import/Export Movement of People Transportation, Communication, and Environmental Impact Transportation o Mexico has third most airports in the world, only behind the United States and Brazil. They are home to 3.7% of the world’s airports which is very surprising
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