Globalization Impact Paper Mitch and Nick2

Globalization Impact Paper Mitch and Nick2 - Globalization...

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Globalization Impact Paper: Mexico Winter 2009 Section 45667, TTH 1:45 – 3:30 Nick Poggetti Mitchell Klipa Prof. John Toppel Executive Summary Mexico has played an increasingly larger role on the world stage in recent years. The current economic crisis poses a significant threat to Mexican prosperity, but the country is poised to overcome it due their expanding involvement in world trade. Factors that will also aid Mexico in the recovery of the world economy slump include a new president has big plans, a hardworking labor force, and potential that will only help. Mexico’s involvement in foreign trade agreements and investments, migration across borders, and global movements have only raised their GDP and improved standard of living. Impact of Technology Mexico currently has the ninth largest amount of internet hosts in the world and houses the sixteenth most internet users in the world. o Internet hosts – 10.653 million o Internet users – 22.812 million(1) Mexico currently has low investment levels in science and technology, however plans are in the works with the election of their new president, Phelip Calderon, to increase investment in infrastructure needed to bring about the “absorption, adaptation, and application of world class technology.” (6) Basically, in order for Mexico to reach a higher class of technology they must invest more money into this sector. In order for new technology to be implemented and used by Mexico itself, a certain level of infrastructure needs to be established throughout the country; thus leading to acceptance of Mexico’s new level of technology on a world scale. Impact of Trade
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Globalization Impact Paper Mitch and Nick2 - Globalization...

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