essay4 - Beautiful Brown Sunsets "This sandwich is...

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Beautiful Brown Sunsets “This sandwich is great!” exclaimed Matthew Studebaker as a slice of onion and some spicy mustard dripped down towards his chin after an excessively large bite of his favorite “Gabe’s Gourmet” specialty sub from the best deli in the area. This was nothing out of the ordinary when it came to Matt’s eating habits, as he sat next to his girlfriend of nearly three years atop the largest hill of his hometown of San Mateo, California. Bunny Hill, as it was nick-named by him and his significant other because of the common sightings of little rabbits, had become a regular picnic location for the two. They also found it to be a popular make-out spot because of the seclusion, but that’s a different story. This particular evening presented itself as a warm night in the middle of August. The two had been on Bunny Hill for about an hour or so before the sun started making its way toward the horizon. As the mass of light approached the hills that separate San Mateo and Half Moon Bay, the two noticed some sort of brownish haze they had never seen before. This dark colored cloud was only visible when the sun was setting, shining its light directly through it; hence why the couple hadn’t noticed it earlier. They had spent many evenings on this hill the past few years, some before they began dating, and this muck-like haze was a new addition to the couple’s favorite view. “What in the world is that?” asked Matthew. They discussed the possibilities for a while, and everything they came up with included some sort of environmental harm. Matthew brought up the possibility of a factory’s byproduct drifting from somewhere. They agreed this was the most probable answer to whatever they had witnessed. As the sun continued to disappear behind the hills, the two packed up their blanket and regressed down the hill towards their houses. The innocent couple had no clue that this brown haze was part of the initial phases of an environmental catastrophe.
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His life around that time was simple. Matthew was a 6 foot 4 inch, brown-hair, brown- eyed boy who was a natural athlete. He was an eighteen-year-old senior in high school, and was a passionate swimmer. He had always dreamt of being in the Olympics, but for now he was focused on getting into a college he liked. Matthew had been a type one diabetic since he was a toddler, but this did not hold him back in terms of his love for eating. He was a connoisseur of foods. This boy had the appetite of a bear that just woke up from winter hibernation. Always enjoying fine meals, Matthew spent much of his free time playing his top-of-the-line Xbox 1080. His personal favorite game was Halo 7. No one knew how that Halo series continued past Halo
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essay4 - Beautiful Brown Sunsets "This sandwich is...

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