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Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio Assessment - Wait.Since When Did I Enjoy Writing...

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Wait…Since When Did I Enjoy Writing? More than anything this quarter, I have realized I can be a writer if I want to. My senior year in high school prepared me for college level writing by transforming essays of summary into essays of analysis. Though this helped, I was often discouraged by the difficult essay prompts. I struggled to comprehend what it was asking. This quarter gave me the opportunity to choose freely what I wanted to compose my essays about, while writing on topics that expanded the meaning of the author’s writing. More so now at the end of the quarter, I feel I have brought my writing to an even greater level throughout these ten weeks. I think one of the more solid aspects of my writing is my strong, but casual voice. I like to include humor in my writing. I feel by doing this, I am expressing myself through the words on the paper, something I always heard about but never understood what it was. For example, from my Corporate McDomination essay, I talk about the
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