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The next level - Nick Poggetti Glaser The Next Level I...

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Nick Poggetti Glaser The Next Level I stood in the doors of the Leavey center, towel and suit over shoulder, staring out at our small but home-like pool. I reminisce about my high school “glory days.” Walking through the hallways, I probably developed a cocky strut; I was the big man on campus. Everyone knew I was the All-American water polo player and swimmer, they knew I was on the President’s list, they knew who I was. And I knew they knew. But even with all that under my belt, I feel dwarfed by the enormities of college ball. I knew the change would be big, but finally experiencing it was something I didn’t understand until it happened. I come from a place where I walk through the hallways and people acknowledge me with, “Yo Nick! Great game last night!” from a peer or a more civilized, “Excellent performance the other night,” from a teacher, but now standing a few feet from my college pool, I am unknown. “You ready, Poggetti?” blurted a voice over my shoulder as a big senior on the team named Mike pats me on the back and runs onto the deck. The question came with such confidence and excitement, I couldn’t help but stumble on a few words at an attempted response, but he had already run down into the locker room. I fall back into reality as I look pool through the little passage that connects the gym and pool. I remember I was there to do my job, there to entertain, and do what I have such a passion for: play water polo. Our challengers, a team from
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The next level - Nick Poggetti Glaser The Next Level I...

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