BIB Final essay

BIB Final essay - 6 Mar. 2009.

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Adrian College. Adrian College Quick Facts. 6 Jun. 2009. <> Anonymous .“Majoring in Football.” USA Today . 11 Nov. 2008: 12a . Vol. 137 Issue 9, p70-70. 20 Oct. 2004. Klein, Gary. “USC's Pete Carroll Tops National Salary List.” Los Angeles Times . 23 Feb. 2009. Sander, Libby. “Athletics Raises a College From the Ground Up.” EBSCOhost. Vol. 55, Issue 4. 9 Oct. 2008. Chronicle of a Higher Education. 6 Jun. 2009. <http://0- Sander, Libby. “A March From Madness.” EBSCOHost. Vol. 55 Issue 26, pA4-A4. Chronicle of Higher Education.
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Unformatted text preview: 6 Mar. 2009. < direct=true&db=afh&AN=36922354&site=ehost-live > Sperber, Murray. Beer and Circus . New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2000 Williams, Dennis. Changing the Rules of the Game. EBSCOhost . Vol. 133, Issue 14. 5 May 1999. Newsweek. 6 Jun. 2009. < direct=true&db=afh&AN=1679879&site=ehost-live> Wolverton, Brad. For Athletics , a Billion-Dollar Goal Line. EBSCOHost. Vol. 55 Issue 20, pA1-A13. Chronicle of Higher Education. 23 Jan 2009. < direct=true&db=afh&AN=36326134&site=ehost-live> Madness in More than Just March: The Shifting Focus of Undergraduate Educators Nick Poggetti June 12, 2009 Jeffery Zorn English 2...
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BIB Final essay - 6 Mar. 2009.

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