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engl2, essay 3 final - The annual sixty-four team...

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The annual sixty-four team tournament hosting the country’s best collegiate basketball teams marks one of the biggest non-professional sporting events in the country . This past year Michigan State faced up against the University of North Carolina in the championship, and most sports fans can recall that North Carolina won with not too much difficulty . No doubt North Carolina’s national championship brought the school great publicity in the eyes of sports fans . Winning the March Madness tournament takes vast amounts of training, incredible skill, and amazing confidence of every player on the team, and every member of the coaching staff . But those aren’t the only factors needed in order to be a successful, winning program . The number one most important reason why North Carolina was able to win, and why every other team was able to win the previous years, was the funding behind their program . With a coaching staff whose salaries easily exceed that of the school president, most of the team on full scholarship, and facilities that almost rival professional clubs, it is easy to bring in the most skilled and talented players from around the country needed to win a championship . With success in athletics, applications flood the admissions office . Students in this generation find that attending a school with a successful sports program allows them identify with their and the athletes . The students relate on a personal level, referring to their school’s team as “we” or “us .” Nothing beats going home at Christmas time and being able to brag about a championship caliber team to some old high school friends . The use of sports to attract students has become an increasing trend in higher education over the past few decades, and many universities have much to show for it . Pouring money into
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the athletic department to develop a winning team, or at least better-than-average facilities, has proven successful in attracting students . Adrian College – a small, private liberal arts and science undergraduate school located in Adrian, Michigan – was under enrollment capacity in the early 2000s down to 935, far below their capacity of 1400 students . However the past years have been nothing but good for the college . Previously a large, open, and grassy campus is now home to multiple new stadiums including an ice hockey rink, baseball and football stadiums, a track and field, and twelve tennis courts . Along with the recent expansion of the school’s athletic facilities, enrollment has also increased a dramatic 57 percent since 2005 . In the same year, Adrian admissions received 1,243 applications, and denied only 93 students . But in 2008, 4,229 applications rolled in, while 1,181 were turned down (Adrian .edu). These numbers are the highest the college has seen in two decades . Adrian’s president, Jeffrey R. Docking, is quoted in Libby Sander’s article claiming, “The use of athletics to drive enrollment, could well be the fountain of youth for small liberal-
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engl2, essay 3 final - The annual sixty-four team...

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