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English2, Essay1 - Nick Poggetti Work and Play Essay 1...

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Nick Poggetti April 29, 2009 Work and Play Essay 1 Finding A Purpose Having meaning and purpose in a job helps motivate people to wake up every morning, put on a suit, make coffee, and do the nine to five routine. Without the rewarding feeling that makes a person feel like their actions are worth something, getting through the work day can be extremely difficult. It’s like that refreshed feeling one gets after a tough workout; the endorphins that have been released give a good feeling inside. Everyone is different, and different occupations interest some more than others. However, in each profession, there is purpose to be found. Moser and Watters offer views of some standard jobs where each person explains what they do. They provide complete opposite ideas about how to find meaning in one’s job: from Benjamin Franklin’s strict schedule of his day to a high school basketball coach who walks on thin ice. In each piece, the person who it is written about has very different ideas of what a purposeful day of work is. Every job has different ways to reward a person, whether they are a mason, a waitress, a journalist, or a basketball coach. Stonemasonry has existed since the beginning of civilization and because of that, those who excel in this craft take great pride in what they do. Wonders such as the Taj Mahal, the Easter Island Statues, and the Egyptian Pyramids are amazing structures created by the ancient civilizations that have survived from hundreds to thousands of years. The creation of something that has potential to last even a fraction of the time those ancient wonders have lasted would give anyone a sense of pride. The stonemason creates works of art that have incredible longevity. “Stone was being used even by the cavemen that put it together with mud” (337). Working with stone can be a tedious and frustrating process. One mistake means the entire work may be
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compromised. Completion of a statue made of stone that is flawless would give one an incredible
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