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Jack in the Box_capstone

Jack in the Box_capstone - B Organization Structure...

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B. Organization Structure, Controls and Values 1. Define the firm’s organizational structure. Jack in the Box’s organizational structure is formatted in what is known as a matrix structure. In a matrix structure, the CEO is placed at the top of management. Beneath, employees are grouped by both their function and the product. Using the Jack in the Box mobile food truck project as an example, groups of employees are both horizontally and vertically connected. In other words groups from each department are set to work on individual projects. Employees from research and development, marketing, finance and operations would all be grouped to work on the mobile food truck product. Because of this, they report to multiple managers: horizontally to their product manager, and vertically to their department manager. Like all structures, the matrix structure has its advantages and disadvantages. A few direct advantages include the option of picking and choosing specific individuals to work on a certain project they might excel in, having the different departments work directly together, and a there is a better balance of time, cost and performance due to the makeup of the project teams. Some disadvantages include the possibility of disloyalty to multiple managers, and independent teams make it hard to oversee. 2. Define the controls used in monitoring/appraising employee behavior and performance. Jack in the Box offers the opportunity to franchise to qualified candidates. In order to support the franchisees, Jack in the Box provides the support and service needed in order for a franchisee to run their business. Specifically, Jack in the Box provides aid with employee training, restaurant design, technology, marketing, operations, purchasing and distribution.
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