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Nick Poggetti Individual assignment 1) I learned that applying these course concepts is very relevant because everything we did in this project was directly applied to the case. For example, for the five forces, we went straight down the list and by doing so, we had inherently done a ton of analysis just from that. I need to take better notes in class so I can refer directly to my notes alongside with the powerpoints posted on Angel to fully get a grasp on what needs to be done. I found myself asking a group member for his notes pretty often because of the way the project
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Unformatted text preview: was structured. 2) I haven’t really done many group papers in my education career, it has mostly been group projects, so as far as the strategic analysis is concerned, I learned that I need to work closer with my team to make sure our information correctly coincides with each other. 3) From my team and our group dynamic, I learned that we work very slowly as a group. We found that we should plan a little better in advance so we avoid the crunch time in the future....
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