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Team_contract_rough - you must buy a round of drinks for...

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Team Contract Norms and Behaviors Complete your work on time Your work is to be well written and  edited Your work is to be cited properly If you cannot make a scheduled  meeting, inform one or all of the group  members Arrive on time to meetings Dress accordingly for presentations Take initiative Use time effectively and efficiently Be prepared for meetings by coming  with completed work, new findings, etc. Communication openly  by responding  to emails, calls, texts, voicemails Week 5 –  We are to have an open  discussion on our team progress on  work, oral peer evaluation  Consequences For a non-excused absence to a meeting, 
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Unformatted text preview: you must buy a round of drinks for the group members that were present to the meeting. • If you are absent to meetings, your input will not carry the same weight as the other group members • We will be honest on our peer evaluations if you are Basis for Firing • Plagiarized work • Many unexcused absences • Zero contribution • Not showing up for presentation Freeze Dates • April 29 - First written analysis • May 23 - Info due for presentation and paper • May 29 – Practice presentation freeze • June 7 - Editing freeze...
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