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writtan analysis 2 question 1

writtan analysis 2 question 1 - What is the target market...

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. What is the target market and product portfolio for Active Gear and Mercury? Target market active gear Golf and tennis originally In: affluent urban and suburban family members 25-45 years of age..fashionable walking, hiking, boating footwear. In 1980s, brand was associated with a prosperous, active, and fashion conscious group Athletic and casual shoe wearers Product portfolio Golf and tennis shoes, 1970s casual and recreaitional footwear 1980s athletic and casual shoes They focused on a smaller portfolio of classic products with longer life cycles Target market Mercury retail, athletic, department, and specialty stores, and via catalogs and the Internet department, specialty, and general retail stores via a network of wholesalers and independent distributors. Product Portfolio men’s and women’s athletic and casual footwear During the 1990s active casual footwear Is the athletic and casual footwear industry attractive?
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