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consulting team

consulting team - the upkeep of the stores His analytical...

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We have chosen three members from our class to make up the consulting team. The three people we have decided to make up the team are Jennifer Ames, Douglas DenHartog, and Wibowo Sisworo. Each of the three people have their own individual talents that can aid Green Apple’s recovery. Jennifer Ames has a quality that is vital to success in any general business environment, but more specifically in for Green Apple’s recovery. This quality is resilience. Coming from what she calls a stereotypical “broken home,” she has worked tirelessly through adversity to maintain several steady jobs while achieving excellence through her academic and professional career. She recognizes her biggest strength as overcoming obstacles which makes her a perfect candidate to join our consulting team. Douglas DenHartog has a quality crucial in aiding Green Apple’s recovery. He is best at analyzing situations. This will be vital because Douglas would be excellent to have in charge of
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Unformatted text preview: the upkeep of the stores. His analytical skills would be put to use measuring and keeping track of the progress of the stores and their improvement. More specifically, he would check in on the improvement of the food at the stores, the management, and the overall upkeep. Our third and final member of the consulting team is Wibowo Sisworo. Wibowo is a finance major and has come from Asia to study finance abroad so he can apply his education to his job. We chosen him because of not only his financial skills, but also his work ethic that has been demonstrated at the University. Having several classes with him has been a chance to note his outstanding quality of work which makes him a good fit to take the role of managing finances for this project. The three members of our consulting team each have their own individual talents that will bring a complete array of skills to the table. Each will prove an excellent member in aiding the recovery of Green Apple....
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