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English 183: Writing for Business Professional Communications Program R EQUEST FOR P ROPOSALS TIMEFRAME: 21 September 2010 through 2 December 2010 T EAM M EMO : 14 January 2011 P RESENTATIONS : 10 February 2011 P ROPOSALS : no later than 17 February 2011 C OLLATERALS AND R EPORT /E VALUATION : no later than 9 March 2011 We are seeking community service projects that will allow Business 183 students an opportunity to apply the skills and understandings they have acquired during their tenure at Santa Clara University, projects that will allow them to work collaboratively on an endeavor with “real world” application and to further the University’s Mission. As such, students will design, develop, and deliver community service to a registered nonprofit, 501(c) beneficiary in need of specific support (e.g., fundraising, increasing awareness, providing much needed goods and services, etc.). Both the beneficiary and the project per se must directly relate to SCU’s mission of competence, conscience, and compassion. Part of college is planning what you want to be. But you can also think through who you want to be and how you want to live your life. SCU's mission and values can help you become the kind of leader who is highly competent, who acts with conscience, and who is genuinely compassionate toward others. The Jesuit advantage at Santa Clara University is the benefit that comes from connecting every aspect of your university education to create a total learning experience. Students here become members of a mutually supportive, intellectually powerful, compassionate, and open-minded community. http://www.scu.edu/jesuit/index.cfm
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C OMMUNITY S ERVICE P ROJECT P RESENTATION AND P ROPOSAL C RITERIA P ROPOSALS THAT FAIL TO MEET THE FOLLOWING FORMAL COMPLETION CRITERIA PRECISELY AS ARTICULATED WILL BE DOWN - GRADED ACCORDINGLY . T EAM M EMO (50 POINTS ) DUE: 14 J ANUARY 2011 By 14 January, at the latest, you should have formed your team (membership, general responsibilities of each member, team’s name) and identified any need for specific expertise not available in your team and possibilities for out-sourcing; have identified your [nonprofit, 501(c)] beneficiary and confirmed its need for support; and have read “Why Good Projects Fail Anyway,” How to Kill Creativity,” and “Speeding Up Team Learning” in HBR: Managing Projects and explored how you might apply specific recommendations/warnings; have generally designed the community service you intend to provide. Email your memo (one per team) to Dolores laGuardia, PCP Managing Director ([email protected]) in which you articulate your team’s preliminary plans for the design, development, and delivery of your community service project, as identified above. Your memo should also demonstrate what you learned from the HBR essays…how you may apply specific recommendations and how you will avoid potential pitfalls. Include any questions or concerns you may have. Your grade will be based on the overall professionalism of your email--both its form and content--and on how well
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CSProject_-_RFP - English 183 Writing for Business...

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