Group 1's take on new direction (corporate)

Group 1's take on new direction (corporate) - changing it...

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Group 1 Nick Poggetti Grant Ryan Brendan Healey Monica Davis New Project Direction After meeting last week at Altera, we have found that we have much more definitive direction to head in with our projects. Specifically, we were given two main topics to reasearch and improve. While improving these these two topics, we must also focus on making Altera publicly known as the number one company in their industry. The two topics we must focus on are the improvement of the Altera boiler plate and the use of the Altera homepage. We must improve the boiler plate to reflect Altera’s future position of number one in market share. This is a large focus of our project because it generally takes about five years after a company reaches this postion for the public to acknowledge their place in the market. The current bolier plate does not reflect their upcoming shift into the number one spot, so we will be
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Unformatted text preview: changing it so those who do read the boiler plate will at least know that Altera is headed in that direction, if they are not already there. The second topic we will be looking at is the improvement of Altera’s home page. We learned that engineers like to be able to find what they’re looking for in one or two clicks from the home page. From just browsing Altera’s home page, it seems as if this is already the set up. So we plan on making subtle changes. For example, we have considered making a video using tips from Ed Morgan’s lecture about Altera’s shift to the number one spot on the home page. It is one thing to just say that Altera is number one, so we hope to try and prove that they are actually number one. We want to stress Altera’s brand promise by use of this video....
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