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Staffing There three team members that comprise Team Die-BDS consist of Nick Poggetti, Tara Schaffner and Darren Harter. Nick Poggetti has been a committed athlete his entire life. Specifically, he has played water polo competitively since he was nine years old, and just finished his last season with Santa Clara University this past fall. His commitment to the sport and to his college team has provided him with valuable experiences have taught him a great deal about leadership. In his senior season, he was elected one of the team co-captains and helped lead his team to a national ranking of ten, tied for the highest the Santa Clara Water Polo team has ever been ranked. He also aided in the
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Unformatted text preview: third place finish of their team in the conference championship for the second year in a row. This is also the highest the team has ever finished. His experience leading the team has provided him with exceptional time management skills, and the real time experience that will prove valuable when working on this project. Academically, Nick is a marketing major with exceptional skills in graphic design. The combination of his educational focus and design skills give him the duties of finding out the best ways to reach our audience and market towards them, and the layout of all the print documents that will be produced in the course of this project....
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