TEAM MEMO - Introduction Our beneficiary is Juvenile...

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Introduction Our beneficiary is Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. They work to organize events in order to raise awareness and money for Juvenile Diabetes research. The way that we will help them in this effort is through an event that we will run on Santa Clara University’s campus on Bellomy Field. The event will be a kickball tournament where students will donate a ten dollar entry fee and form teams of eight to ten people. These entry fees will be the majority of the donation that we will be turning in for JDRF. This event will be publicized on campus through many different outlets including classroom awareness, posters in dormitories, and fliers to be handed out on the social areas of campus. Some obstacles that may be hard to overcome is that the event is taking place one week before finals week. This may be seen as an opportunity because all students need to take a study break at some point and Saturday afternoon is not always the easiest time to study anyway. The tournament is also on the weekend of the West Coast Conference Men and Women’s Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many students get groups of people together to take part in these festivities and make the trip down south. We will make the option to donate possible without having to take part in the event itself. It is very possible that the event will get people talking about the way that students can be more active in the community when it comes to foundations like JDRF. Already we have found that speaking about the importance of issues like this, people are coming out and sharing their own experiences with the disease and how it affects loved ones. We have already seen this type of activity on some of our media outlets such as facebook. This encourages people that are contemplating whether to donate to get more information about the disease and really how much it helps when they do. Background and Need The problem this project is going to address is raising awareness of diabetes. This problem needs to be addressed because it directly fuels the project’s primary need, which is raising money to fund scientific advancements in diabetes research, ultimately leading to a potential cure. A cure is essential because living with diabetes is dangerous. Without proper blood-glucose management, a diabetic’s health is at risk in both the short term and the long term. Finding a cure is not out of reach either. Raising awareness to find a cure is number one essential need for diabetics. 25.8 million people (children and adults) in the United States have diabetes. That is 8.3% of the American population. Approximately 3.7% out of that 8.3% are undiagnosed ! This is the statistic that defines our problem. Raising awareness about just the symptoms of diabetes can help those 7 million undiagnosed diabetics get there health back on track. In 2007, diabetes was said to have contributed to a total of 231,404 deaths in the United
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TEAM MEMO - Introduction Our beneficiary is Juvenile...

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