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Sentences from the novel- Delphine Roux

Sentences from the novel- Delphine Roux - “All she’s...

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Sentences from the novel What does the text says about Delphine? Do you think this is a normal picture or a stereotypical depiction of Delphine (as a French woman or French feminist)? Do you agree with this picture? Why? What would a feminist critic think about this sentence? 1 Delphine, the department’s chair “His difficulties with Delphine Roux had begun the first semester he was back in the classroom, when one of his students who happened to be a favorite of Professor Roux's went to her, as department chair, to complain about the Euripides plays in Coleman's Greek tragedy course. One play was Hippolytus, the other Alcestis; the student, Elena Mitnick, found them "degrading to women" (184). 2 Delphine’s thoughts about Coleman - “Something about him always led her back to her childhood and the precocious child’s fear… This something was what?” (185) -“Now he will never leave her alone” (201). 3 Delphine’s way of dressing
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Unformatted text preview: “All she’s intended, with the kilt as with the black cashmere turtleneck, black tights, and high black boots, was neither to desexualize herself by what she chose to wear… nor to appear to be trying to tantalize him” (186). Delphine wants to be noticed in a positive way by Coleman. She is not trying to dress inappropriately, but from time to time she will for attention. Yes, I do think this is a good representation of how she acts and how she can behave. Coleman somewhat judges her because of her adjustment to the United States He does have a fairly good judged image of Delphine. This is because of the stereotypical judgments made by my teacher. That the sentence is somewhat putting Delphine down. It is kind of mean for Coleman to judge her in the way he does. 4 Delphine, the French kid “…these ambitious French kids trained in the elite lycées. Extremely well prepared, in-tellectually well...
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