Did you enjoy reading the poem

Did you enjoy reading the poem - being close to perfect It...

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Did you enjoy reading the poem? Why? Yes, I felt I was reading about someone who was always doing the right thing and had a positive impact on others. How did you feel as you read the poem? I feel as if I’m reading a poem about a perfect person and how they would act because of the way this man was considered a saint and always did the right thing. How do you relate to the poem? I feel as if there has been someone in my life that I could compare with the man in the poem. My long time pastor at my church in my hometown is someone I consider to
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Unformatted text preview: being close to perfect. It seems he always knows what to say or how to act. What are some of the words that rhyme? Some words that rhyme are retired and fired, day and way, insured and cured, population and generation, and absurd and heard. Which words are very effective? Some effective words used in the poem and stand out to the audience when reading the poem are saint, served the greater community, he worked, and fully insured....
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