MBI 121- Helpful Terms- Disease

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MBI 121--Helpful Terms for Understanding Principles of Disease True Pathogens Microbes capable of causing disease in healthy people with normal immune defenses Opportunistic Pathogens Microbes capable of causing disease when the host’s defenses are compromised or normal microbiota that causes disease after entering parts of the body where they do not belong Acute Infection An infection that develops quickly, with severe but short-lived effects Chronic Infection An infection that progresses and persists over a long period of time Communicable Disease A disease that spreads from one host to another, directly or indirectly Contagious Disease A communicable disease that is EASILY spread from host to host Non-communicable Disease A disease that does not spread from host to host Latent Disease Occurs when a disease causing agent remains inactive in the body for long periods, but then becomes active to cause disease Nosocomial Infection
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