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Part 1: Overview of Eukaryotic Cells Structures Found in All Eukaryotic Cells Cell Membrane 1. Selectively permeable phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins 2. Similar, but not identical, to bacterial cell membranes Cytoplasm 1. Water containing dissolved proteins, sugars, fats, etc. Nucleus 1. Membrane-bound structure that contains the cell’s chromosomes (DNA, genetic material) 2. Key feature of eukaryotic cells Ribosomes 1. Make proteins Cytoskeleton 1. Network of microtubules and microfilaments 2. Functions: cell support and shape, mixing of cytoplasm, anchoring other structures, sometimes movement of cell Specialized Compartments: The Organelles 1. Mitochondria Produce the cell’s energy (ATP) 1
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2. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) & 3. Golgi apparatus Membrane bound channels and sacs in which various molecules are processed and transported Structures Found in Most Eukaryotic Cells Glycocalyx 1. Protection of cell, adherence to surfaces or other cells Structures Found in Some Eukaryotic Cells Locomotor Appendages 1. Cilia Many per cell, short relative to cell Movement of cilia is precisely synchronized 2. Flagella Few per cell, long relative to cell Move in a wavelike manner Cell Wall 1. Composition varies among species (never contains peptidoglycan) Chloroplasts (found in photosynthetic cells only) 1. Organelles that contain the pigments required for photosynthesis Part 2: The Protists: Protozoa and Unicellular Algae Protozoa 1. Unicellular organisms that lack cell walls, ingest food particles, and usually move around freely 2. Very diverse group (40,000 species) 3. Require a moist environment: Live in aquatic environments, moist soil, or in a host organism
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FungProt121_OLS - Eukaryotic Microbes The Protists Fungi...

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