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MBI 121 Bb Quiz 6 October 14 – 19, 2010 Quiz 6 covers Controlling Microbial Growth 1. Which of the following are methods of microbial control that result in sterilization? A. Autoclaving B. Incineration C. Boiling D. A and B E. All of the above 2. Microbial death is defined as permanent loss of the ability to A. Cause disease B. From endospores C. Reproduce D. Metabolize glucose E. Live outside a host cell 3. The growth of microbes in foods can be controlled by A. Pasteurization B. Addition of organic acids
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Unformatted text preview: C. Exposure to gamma rays D. A and B E. All of the above 4. Antibiotics in the penicillin family work by A. Damaging the flagella B. Damaging the cell wall C. Damaging the cell membrane D. Inhibiting RNA synthesis E. Inhibiting protein synthesis 5. __________ was/were responsible for the discovery and development of penicillin as an antimicrobial drug. A. Alexander Fleming B. Ernst Chain C. Howard Florey D. Alexander Fleming and Ernst Chain E. Alexander Fleming, Ernst Chain, and Howard Florey...
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