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MIS235 - In-Class Activity Sep 1, 2010, Sections F, G, L 1. Complete the Collaboration Exercise 2 Q1-8, on P. 39-40 (Sec L must have completed this) 2. Complete Collaboration Exercise 2 Q9 on P. 40 3. Complete Application Exercises 1 and 2 on P. 66, 67 of book. 4. Complete Questions 1 and 2 on P 40-41. Brose Group Case Study. 5. On-line Registration System The system should enable the staff of each academic department to examine the courses offered by their department, add and remove courses, and change the information about them (e.g., the maximum number of students permitted). It should permit students to examine currently available courses, add and drop courses to and from their schedules, and examine the courses for which they are enrolled. Department staff should be able to print a variety of reports about the courses and the students enrolled in them. The system should ensure that no student takes too
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Unformatted text preview: many courses and that students who have any unpaid fees are not permitted to register (assume that a fees file is maintained by the university’s financial office which the registration system accesses but does not change. (Make assumptions from Miami’s systems if you have questions) a. In groups please identify the Activities, Resources, and Facilities found above. b. Identify components of any information system that is present, or could be used, to support the business process (people, procedures, data, hardware, and software) In order to complete step 2, here, it might be useful to install the VPN software available here. Windows users: Macintosh users might need two pieces of software: 1. CISCO VPN: 2. Remote Desktop Software:
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