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91.550 Multi-Touch Computing, Spring 2011 Written by Amanda Courtemanche – Fall 2009 Book Recommendations In OS304, there is a reference library for the class. It contains the books listed below, plus a few others. C# Language If you are an experienced programmer with several languages under your belt, and you get tired or annoyed with the fluff inherent in traditional programming language textbooks, read C# 3.0 In a Nutshell, Joseph and Ben Albahari (O'Reilly). This book conveys a lot of information very quickly, clearly, and concisely. However, it does not delve into applied technologies such as WPF, GDI+, ADO.NET, etc. It stays within the core C# framework. If you prefer a full language textbook, read Pro C# 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Platform (Fourth Edition), Andrew Troelsen (Apress). This is a large textbook and it does contain a good amount of introductory material, but it is written well and is pleasant to read. It also does delve into applied technologies and .NET base class libraries.
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