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lab3 - and a short description of the key concepts...

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91.550, Multi-Touch Computing Fall 2011 Prof. Yanco Lab 3: Modification of an Existing Sample Program Out: Thursday, 9 February 2011 Due: Thursday, 23 February 2011 What to do in this lab: Browse through the sample applications (on your development computer, look for Surface SDK Documentation in the start menu, then the samples can be found in: Microsoft Surface SDK > Samples > Sample Applications ) . If you are interested in creating a project later on that utilizes XNA, focus on just the XNA samples. Otherwise, look through just the WPF samples. Each sample application is written as a tutorial – you will find helpful comments throughout which explain the key parts of the program. On the last pages of your documentation handout, there is a listing of all the sample applications
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Unformatted text preview: and a short description of the key concepts highlighted in the sample. Also, in the main class of the sample, a header comment will explain in greater detail what the sample will teach you. Select one of the sample applications to modify. Your modification must be something substantial that adds to the program in a concrete way, such as expanding the existing usability of the application, adding an entirely new feature, restructuring the interaction method, etc. What to turn in: Once you have finished your modification, prepare a short presentation to be delivered to the class that highlights the changes you have made. Load your code to the lab’s Surface for the demonstration no later that 3:45 on Thursday 2/23. The Surface will be moved to 401 just before class starts....
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