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UML CS Advanced Algorithms (Computational Geometry) 91.504 Spring, 2010 1 of 1 Homework Set #1 Assigned : Thursday, 1/28 Due : Thursday, 2/11 at start of lecture This assignment covers: O’Rourke textbook material in Chapters 1, 2 de Berg et al. textbook material in Chapters 1, 3 Introduction to CGAL 1. (15 points) O’Rourke: p. 15, Exercise 1.2.5 (2) Realization of Triangulations . 2. (15 points) de Berg et al .: p. 60, Exercise 3.2 Guarding a Rectilinear (Orthogonal) Polygon. 3. (15 points) Guarding an Orthogonally Convex Polygon: An orthogonally convex polygon is an orthogonal polygon whose intersection with any vertical or horizontal line consists of at most one connected component.
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