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UML CS Advanced Algorithms (Computational Geometry) 91.504 Spring, 2010 Homework Set #2 Assigned : Thursday, 2/11 Due : Thursday, 2/18 at start of lecture This assignment covers: O’Rourke textbook material in Chapter 2 De Berg textbook material in Chapter 3 Introduction to CGAL 1. (100 points) The goal of this assignment is to give you a chance to explore the various ways CGAL allows you to partition a 2D simple polygon (without holes) into different types of convex pieces. Please use the sample CGAL/OpenGL code that was emailed to you as a starting point. The code provides menu choices for: a. Y-monotone partitioning (as in de Berg et al ., Chapter 3) b. Optimal convex partitioning (Greene’s dynamic programming) c. Approximately optimal convex partitioning (Hertel/Mehlhorn) d. Approximately optimal convex partitioning (Greene’s sweep starting from y- monotone partition as in de Berg) Please try these various options for different shapes of 2D polygons and experiment with boundary cases and other things of interest. Here are some aspects to consider:
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