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UML CS Analysis of Algorithms 91.503 (section 201) Spring, 2011 Homework #1 Assigned : Tuesday, 1/25 Due : Tuesday, 2/1 ( start of lecture) This assignment covers textbook material in Chapter 15 (Dynamic Programming). Attach signed honor statement to your homework (available on course web site). 1. (25 points) Dynamic Programming : Determine an LCS of these two strings: < A, C, T, A, G, T, C, C, G, A, T > and < C, C, A, T, T, G, C, T, A, G, T >. Justify optimality of your answer. 2 . (75 points) Dynamic Programming :
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 15-7 (a)-(b), Viterbi Algorithm on p. 408-409 of our textbook. Please include in your answer: - recursive formulation; - pseudocode written using the conventions on p. 20-22 of the textbook; - correctness justification: o mechanical correctness (loops and recursion terminate correctly, arrays indices stay within bounds, etc.); o “as-advertised” correctness: prove that your pseudocode provides an appropriate path; - upper bound on worst-case asymptotic running time of your pseudocode....
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