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UML CS Algorithms 91.503 (section 201) Spring, 2011 Homework # 9 Assigned: Tuesday, 4/26 Due: Tuesday, 5/3 at 5:30 p.m. This assignment covers textbook material in Chapter 32 (String Matching Algorithms) and a conference paper. 1. (20 points) Compute the prefix function π for the pattern P = 3421341 when the alphabet is Σ = {1, 2, 3, 4}. 2. (20 points) Design a string-matching automaton according to the rules of Section 32.3 for the pattern P used in problem (1) above. Give the 5-tuple for your automaton. 3. (40 points) Textbook Exercise 32.1-4 on p. 989-990. Provide pseudocode, correctness justification, and an upper bound on worst-case asymptotic running
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Unformatted text preview: time. 4. (20 points) This problem concerns the 2003 conference paper Winnowing: Local Algorithms for Document Fingerprinting . You are only responsible for the part of the paper that ends at the start of Section 3.1. a. In the example depicted in Figure 2, what is the value of the guarantee threshold ? b. In Figure 2(e), notice that the number 17 appears in multiple windows. How many windows does it appear in? Explain why it is chosen (or not chosen) to be highlighted in each window in which it appears. c. Explain why the number 17 appears exactly 3 times in Figure 2(f)....
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