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304_HW8_F11 - Please note the textual problem descriptions...

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UML CS Foundations 91.304 (section 201) Fall, 2011 Homework Set #8 Assigned: Monday, 11/21 Due: Friday, 12/2 (start of lecture) This assignment covers textbook material in Chapter 4. Note: Refer to course web site for homework policies. Remember to attach signed honor statement. Note : Different printings or editions of the textbook may have different exercise numbering.
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Unformatted text preview: Please note the textual problem descriptions below to resolve ambiguity. 1. (25 points) Textbook Exercise 4.3 on p. 183. 2. (40 points) Textbook Problem 4.20 on p. 184. 3. (35 points) Textbook Problem 4.28 on p. 184....
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