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February 10, 2012 Ms. Emily Arney North Star Resource Group 2701 University Ave. S.E Minneapolis, MN 554414 Dear Ms. Emily I am thrilled to be considered for the Financial Advisor position. 1) I am an F-1 Visa Student. I will obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in Mai 2012 and will be eligible to work 2) I am extremely motivated by an opportunity to be a financial advisor. Throughout my internship as an accounting and management assistant at the Center of Rural Entrepreneurship Studies, I achieved in providing financial guidance and consulting to various local companies and new entrepreneurs. I successfully contributed to the start up five local businesses by providing professional financial expertise on matters
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Unformatted text preview: like financing, loan amortization, and forecasted and current financial statements. I have the practical experience to examine, process, and analyze all the main financial documents and effectively communicate observations. In addition to my credentials and skills, my passion in the financial field will make my team successful in North Star Financial. I will not only achieve my duties outstandingly, but also consistently add value to the company. I am the perfect fit for the position and will be an exceptional ambassador to the company. 3) I will be available for an Interview Thursday 23 rd and Friday 24 of February 2012. I completed the 20 minutes assessment. Sincerely, Christian Yimgnia...
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