Emerson and Thoreau - Resistance This text written by Henry...

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Emerson and Thoreau Readings in American Life Christian Yimgnia Address This is a speech given by Ralph Waldo Emerson to his graduating class of Harvard Divinity School. My first remark on the writing was that Emerson was a great speaker. His speech is very clear addressed, using excellent text to persuade and inspire the audience. I also noticed how he described nature with passion and detail. He probably wants to emphasize how grateful we are as individuals to live in this world. Ralph Waldo Emerson also raises the issue of religion, belief, and Christianity. He is against most beliefs and practices of Christianity. He is not a big fan of the Church as well. He is really putting an emphasis on the relationship between man, God and nature. Because he feels that men are not free, they are too controlled by institutions and influenced. There should be a natural link between men and God.
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Unformatted text preview: Resistance This text written by Henry David Thoreau was generally about the government’s control over the people. The authors is trying to illustrate that the government can and should be better than it is. His argument stresses that the state should be controlled less by the ideals of a few that have found themselves at the top spots and more as the average man. He gives many examples supporting his ideas and beliefs just like he argues that we are dependent on the government for nothing; “it does not keep the country free”. I agree to a certain extent with Thoreau because even in the society we live in today, there is still a lot of indirect government control over the population. There is no real freedom; people can’t really achieve what they dream. And this is a result of non effective institutions and the men that govern them....
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Emerson and Thoreau - Resistance This text written by Henry...

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