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Declining a Job Offer - to obtain a master’s degree in...

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Christian Yimgnia 2900 University Ave Crookston MN, 56716 612-226-3442 [email protected] February 19 st , 2012 Mr. Carl Ekstrand, Human Resource Manager Ladder Associates 45067, Houston Texas, 79789 Dear Mr. Ekstrand: It was a pleasure talking to you last week about the various services provided by Ladder Associates and the bookkeeping position offered. It was certainly educative to exchange the great lean accounting ideas with you. However, because I have decided to pursue my education full time at the University of Houston
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Unformatted text preview: to obtain a master’s degree in Accounting, I have decided not to accept the bookkeeping position at Ladder. Therefore, I will efficiently utilize my time on my education. I am sincerely grateful for your generous offer and the time and consideration you spent interviewing me. I wish you success in providing excellent consulting services. Sincerely, Christian Yimgnia...
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