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Placement Center English Study Guide (ACCUPLACER CPT) Developed by Aims Community College The following sample questions are similar to the format and content of questions on the Accuplacer Sentence Skills test. Reviewing these samples will give you a good idea of how the test works and just what grammar, punctuation, and sentence skills you may wish to review before taking the test itself. Our purposes in providing you with this information are twofold: one, we want you to do the best you can; and two, we do not want the format of the test itself to interfere with your thinking about your answers. We suggest four test-taking strategies: 1. Take your time . The test is not timed. Relax and choose answers carefully without worrying about the clock ticking. 2. Read carefully . Be sure to understand exactly what each question requires. 3. Think carefully . The test requires one to complete or substitute information for parts of given sentences. Response should reflect clear language use. 4. Write before choosing an answer . Use scratch paper to experiment with answers. Be sure to understand the given options before answering. ********** THE SAMPLE QUESTIONS Questions on the test ask you to rewrite sentences such as the following. You will be told what changes your new sentence should contain. Your new sentence should be grammatically correct and have essentially the same meaning as the original. Sample #1 Writing a best seller had earned the author a sum of money and had freed him from the necessity of selling his pen for the political purposes of others. Rewrite, beginning with The author was not obliged . . . The new sentence will include A) consequently he earned B) because he had earned C) by earning D) as a means of earning
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Analysis of Sample #1: In the above sample, you must rewrite the sentence to begin The author was not obliged ... To decide how to do the job, look at the meaning of the original sentence:
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samplequestions-english - Placement Center English Study...

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