355f2001_set_theory - Set Theory An Introduction to Maple...

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Set Theory - An Introduction to Maple Mth 355/399 Sept 28 2001 Maple 6 Bent E. Petersen Filename: 355f2001_set_theory.mws The Worksheet When you are using Maple in a windowing environment it is possible to move around on the worksheet by left-clicking the mouse. As a result, commands may end up being executed in a nonlinear order. This can cause some confusion, since there is no visual clue. One way to fix a mess is to have Maple re-execute the whole worksheet (look on the Edit menu). This works best if old expressions are cleaned up first, so it is a good idea to start each worksheet with the command restart; You do not need to do so of course . ... > restart; Maple commands are executed by pressing the Enter key when the mouse cursor is in the line containing the commands. Note each Maple command must be terminated by a colon or a semicolon (except help commands preceded by a question mark). You can spread the command over several lines by postponing the terminating colon or semicolon. You simply move to a new line by pressing Enter. Maple will chatter at you when you move to a new line in this manner if the previous command is unterminated. Ignore it, but keep in mind a command will not be executed before it is properly terminated. The assignment operator in Maple is := (colon and equals sign juxtaposed). You can also stack up several commands on one line by terminating them individually with colons or semicolons. The effect of the colon is to suppress output from the corresponding command, though the command is still carried out. All the commands on a line are executed when you press the Enter key. Maple has two ditto operators, % and %%. The value of
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355f2001_set_theory - Set Theory An Introduction to Maple...

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